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Our Privacy Policy

Legal Information
In selling more than 2,800 products worldwide, we want to make sure we serve you right – your privacy and protection is our primary concern. This section outlines many issues facing businesses like ours and may help to answer any questions you might have.

This is the website of Home Entertainment And Decor Systems, Inc. [H.E.A.D.S., INC.] We can be contacted by the following methods:
Phone: 336-584-0835
Fax: 336-584-5483

Postal Address: 945 East Haggard Avenue
Elon, NC 27244

Information provided through our web site will be protected and secured. Any information received by H.E.A.D.S., INC., will not be used by any parties outside of the company - information will not be sold. Each customer has the right at any time to notify us to be taken off of our list to receive mailings.

Our web page does not automatically collect specific information (such as e-mail addresses) about visitors. Aggregate and summary statistics are collected for measure of our web site's effectiveness.

Used Cue and Table Listings
If you utilize our used cue or used table listing pages and use your contact information there (e-mail or phone), we cannot guarantee the security or privacy of that information since it is posted for all to see on the internet.

H.E.A.D.S., INC. reserves the right to discontinue items and to change prices without notice. For current prices on any item, feel free to e-mail or call our Sales Staff at 1-800-275-4520.

State Sales Tax
Being located in North Carolina, H.E.A.D.S., Inc., is required to collect 7% sales tax on all orders shipped to a North Carolina address. If your order is being shipped to a North Carolina address which is tax exempt, be sure to include your tax exempt number and a copy of your tax exemption certificate.

Private Mailing Lists
At H.E.A.D.S., Inc., we respect your privacy. That's why we do not publish, sell, lease, or allow any use of our mailing list by outside sources. Your name, address and e-mail address is always safe with us!

Address Change
Throughout the year, we send out numerous specialty and sales periodicals to our customers. If your address has changed, make certain you let us know so you receive these informative publications. To update or opt out of our mailing list, send us a letter or e-mail with your former address, new address, and customer number, or call 1-800-275-4520.

Any errors on this website are subject to correction. Changes by the manufacturer are beyond our control. Thank you for understanding.

Limited Warranty
Except as described in our guarantee, there are no express warranties or implied warranties including, but not limited to, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. H.E.A.D.S., Inc. shall not be subject to and disclaims:

Any other obligations or liabilities arising out of breach of contract or of warranty
Any obligations whatsoever arising from tort claims (including negligence and strict liability) or arising under other theories of law with respect to products sold or services rendered by H.E.A.D.S., Inc., or any undertakings, acts, or omissions relating thereto
All consequential, incidental, and contingent damages whatsoever.

Terms And Conditions
These terms and conditions shall constitute the entire agreement between H.E.A.D.S., Inc., and the purchaser, and shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the state of North Carolina and the United States of America.

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945 East Haggard Avenue, Elon, NC 27244
Phone: (336) 584-0835 Fax: (336) 584-5483
Toll Free: 1-800-275-4520